Cameron Road Allotments

Our allotment sites are fully tenanted at present, but you can join our waiting list. Only Chesham residents are eligible for an allotment. 

If you are interested in growing your own, you may want to consider taking on an allotment. It's a great way to produce your own food, get some fresh air and enjoy a surprisingly vibrant social scene. The Town Council manages three allotment sites in Chesham: Amersham Road, Cameron Road and Asheridge Road.

Standard plots are 126.5 m2 or 253 m2 in in size (known as 5 or 10 pole plots, respectively). Find out more about the sites.

Rental costs per 25.3 m2 (per pole) as of 1st October 2020 are:
Amersham Road £4.10
Cameron Road    £3.60
Asheridge Road   £4.10
A 30% rebate of the standard rate may be claimed by any tenant (upon proof of age or circumstances) if her or she:
- has reached the age of 60 in the financial year for which rent is due
- is on income support
- is claiming job-seeker's allowance
- is claiming disability allowance
- is a full-time student
- is under 16 years old

Rent is payable annually by cash or cheque (made payable to Chesham Town Council). View a copy of the Allotments Tenancy Agreement (87 KB, PDF).
If you would like to find out more about our allotments or join the waiting list, please contact the Town Hall by email: or on 01494 774842 or in person (Monday to Friday 10 am to 4.30pm). Once you reach the top of the waiting list, we will contact you to invite you to inspect the available plot and decide whether you wish to take it on.

There is an Allotments Group that works with the Council to maintain the Council's sites and provide advice to tenants. Visit the Allotments Group page to find out more.

You may also wish to consider the privately run allotments in Chesham: the Duke of Bedford Allotments on Bois Moor Road for Waterside residents only, and the George Piggin Allotments on Wey Lane for Old Town residents. These allotments are not run by the Council, but by local organisations. 

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