Dealing With Drought

With our area having been in a prolonged period of drought and with chalk streams, including our local River Chess, being dry for many months, Impress the Chess have given their views on Environment Agency Guidelines to water companies about planning for droughts. 

Impress the Chess is a partnership of councils, conservation organisations and residents with the aim of protecting the river in Chesham. The group has expressed its concern that the guidelines are not definitive enough in ensuring that water companies must do all they can to protect precious river environments during droughts, whilst continuing to supply water to the public. 

Another key area of concern is that action to conserve water is not triggered early enough; the River Chess has been dry for months in Chesham and yet very little has been done to drive down water consumption by residents. 

You can download the full consultation response here (PDF, 368 KB). 

Published: 17 October 2019

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