Local Plan Consultation Response

Chesham Town Council is not objecting to the Local Plan as a whole, but we are concerned that we were not involved in discussions on the development of the plan prior to the public consultation period. As a result, we have severe reservations about particular parts of the Local Plan. Our key areas of concern are:

  • The decision to identify a large Green Belt site for development, rather than higher density housing in the town centre in line with the Chesham Masterplan.
  • Key Economic Sites continue to be located in the town centre, as opposed to the Masterplan’s vision of sites on the periphery of the town.
  • Inadequate car parking provision in the town centre, which will damage the sustainability of the High Street, made worse by the proposed removal of existing car parks.
  • Retail allocation for Star Yard car park, which we are not confident will come forward.
  • A weak policy for sustainable drainage which will fail to protect Chesham from flooding and pollution.
  • The fact that the Sustainability Appraisal identifies that the Local Plan will reduce local water quality and increase pressure on water resources.
  • Inadequate planning for the increased demand for wastewater services.
  • The fact that the IDIDS that is out of date and doesn’t articulate urgent infrastructure provision that is needed now and in the future.
  • The impact of the proposed areas of development on the town’s air quality, particularly in the Air Quality Management Area

You can read our full consultation response here (Word, 29 KB).


Published: 27 August 2019