New Youth Council for Chesham

Youth Council

The inaugural meeting of Chesham Youth Council took place on the 24th September 2018. Young people aged between 10 and 17 joined together to form the first youth council in the town for more than 5 years. The aim of the group is to provide young people with a platform to voice their visions for Chesham, as well as learn skills such as public speaking. At the meeting, the council appointed a chair, vice-chair, secretary and press team. 

The council is currently made up of 10 people, all living in Chesham, from schools across the area. The council intends to meet each month (see the Youth Council page for meeting dates). Joseph Baum, who helped launched the meeting, said, "After nine months of preparation, it's great to be able to say that Chesham has a place for young people to get their voice heard. 

Initiatives like this are exactly what Chesham needs and will breath new life into our town."

Youth Councillor, George Corby, said, "It was really pleasing to see how successful the inaugural meeting was. We have begun to feedback proposals to town councillors about Chesham. Everyone had a huge amount to suggest from improved lighting in Lowndes Park to a 'Chesham's Got Talent' show." 

Published: 15 October 2018