Lowndes Park Masterplan

A view across the lawns of Lowndes Park

Chesham Town Council has created a masterplan for Lowndes Park. Described as the lungs of the town, Lowndes Park has been recorded in history as far back as the 12th century and is the central green space for Chesham. Thanks to funding by the Chesham and Villages Community Board and the Chess Smarter Water Catchment, the council now has a strategic plan for developing the park into the future.

The plan was developed by LDA design through site visits and consultations with local people. In defining plans for future investment in the park, the council aims to create:

  • A coherent park with a clear spatial structure
  • A better used pond with improved water quality
  • A play hub that young people can use and enjoy
  • A place where activities and events can take place that bring the community together
  • A destination park where users come to socialise, keep fit, and experience nature
  • A park with a strong identity that is rooted in its past
  • A truly biodiverse park that is sustainable for the future
  • A robust and maintainable park

Significant investment will be needed to achieve these long-term plans, and the Masterplan is the first, critical step needed to attract funding. We are working in partnership with the volunteers at Love Lowndes on fundraising to deliver the first phase of the plan, which is the creation of a new play area.

You can view the Masterplan here (low res version, PDF, 6 MB).