Is Your Energy Green?

Sustainable Chesham have partnered with Big Clean Switch to try and help people in Chesham to use more renewable energy at home. It’s cheaper than installing solar panels and it’s a way of reducing your carbon footprint with relatively little effort.

Energy companies now make it so easy to switch – and Sustainable Chesham found that the Big Clean Switch service is super-easy to use and guarantees that your electricity is from 100% renewable sources.

But we don’t know how many houses in Chesham are already using green energy and Sustainable Chesham would like to find out. Are you using green energy? If you aren’t yet, would you switch? What has put you off or prevented you switching in the past?

Sustainable Chesham wants to know if Chesham is already reducing its carbon footprint by switching, or if our community needs more information and support to switch to renewable energy.

Please fill out this very quick survey and let them know how you feel about switching to a green energy supplier, or you can tell them that you already have.


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