You Have Minutes to Save a Life

Cardia arrest kills 60,000 adults per year in the UK; that’s 165 people every single day. But would you know what to do if it happened to someone near you? Understanding some basic first aid skills or having the ability to instruct others, can save lives. The sudden shock of someone becoming unconscious is enough for some of us to freeze, unable to help in any way. Every minute a person is not breathing their chance of survival drops by 20% or more.
Which is why professionals from the Community Heartbeat Trust charity and doctors have organised an interactive zoom session on Sunday 7th February at 5 pm to cover basic lifesaving techniques.
Parveiz Aslam MBE, the lead organiser of the event says “No matter how experienced you are a reminder of the basics skills and repetition of scenarios reinforces our learning, confidence and most important of all, can help save that person’s life until the professionals arrive. The more people that know, the less the chance of people dying unnecessarily.”
“The satisfaction of doing that will remain with you forever and when you are not able to, the thought of, I wish I could have helped, will be a marked memory for time to come” he continued.
This FREE online session, organised especially for the local community, will serve as an introduction to lifesaving so that as many people as possible can be aware of the basic skills to help save a life. It will include:
• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
• Choking
• Recovery position and
• the use of a Defibrillator.
Please watch this video, which sets the scene for the event, before you sign up:
Places are limited, so book early. Booking link :

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