Welcoming Wildlife to the Cemetery

Draft scheme for cemetery improvements

Above: Proposed scheme to create a contemplation area at the top of the cemetery

We're teaming up with the Chiltern Rangers and the Friends of Chesham Cemetery to make improvements in the cemetery for both visitors and wildlife. The Chiltern Rangers is a Community Interest Company that specialises in working with communities to provide practical habitat management in Buckinghamshire.

Thanks to funding from Buckinghamshire Council and the Friends of Chesham Cemetery, the Rangers will create a new contemplation area this autumn at the top of the cemetery. This will encourage people to take in the impressive views across town, but will also provide new habitats for wildlife by installing bug hotels and apple tree planters, and the creation of a bank of wildflowers.

Drawing of the contemplation area

Above: How the contemplation area could look

For a number of years, the Friends of Chesham Cemetery have managed a small area of 19th century graves near the Chapel for wildflowers. Success has been limited, as the area is quite shady. This will be converted into a woodland feel by planting spring bulbs and sowing a special mixture of woodland wildflower seeds that are better adapted to the conditions on site.

Other areas of the cemetery will also get some attention, with nest boxes being added to the Avenue of Limes and small areas of wild planting that will not only look attractive, but provide important pollen and nectar sources for bees and other pollinators.

With the work being carried out in autumn, we are looking forward to next spring, when we hope to see a colourful display of wildflowers, and an increase in wildlife in the cemetery thanks to these new habitats.


Published: 17 June 2020

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