Working Together for Water

Meades Water Gardens

The River Chess as it flows through Meades Water Gardens off Red Lion Street

The community groups, agencies and water companies that work on water-related issued in Chesham have come together and created the Chesham Water Group. The group plans to work in better partnership with each other to deliver real benefits for Chesham's water environment and the town's residents. 

A lot of work has been going on in Chesham in the past few years in relation to water, including water conservation, water quality, water habitats and flooding. Various groups have been doing excellent work, often in partnership with each other. 

The groups wanted to build on this and strengthen these partnerships. Chesham Water Group will provide a strategic overview of all the things happening in Chesham relating to droughts, water quality and flooding. Indeed, these problems often overlap and the group wants to make sure that opportunities for multiple benefits are taken advantage of and that activities mainly focusing on one activity don't negatively affect another. 

Members of the group so far include the local water companies, the three local councils, the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project, the Environment Agency, the local Flood Action Group and the River Chess Association. The list will remain open to change. 

The group will meet every three months, but will keep in touch in between meetings. To find out more about the group, there will be regular updates in yourChesham and there is a dedicated Chesham Water Group page on the ColneCAN web site. 


Published: 4 February 2016