Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results

More than 1,500 responses were received to the survey carried out in March and April 2022. Here are the top level results:

What do you think are the 5 biggest issues facing Chesham? 

Bar Chart showing what people think are the biggest issues facing Chesham

Do you support the Town Council efforts to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Chesham?

A Pie Chart showing significant support for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan

Where would you like to see new homes built? 

A bar chart showing options for where new homes should be built

Do you think there is a need to maintain the current amount of employment land in the town? 

A bar chart showing whether people think we need more, less or the same amount of employment land

How do you think we should tackle climate change locally? 

Bar chart showing options for tackling climate change locally

Would you agree with the town introducing a design code to improve the design quality of new development by requiring new buildings to conform to certain approved architectural styles sympathetic to the history of the town? 

A pie chart showing large levels of support for design codes

What types of homes would you like to see built?

A pie chart showing the types of buildings people want to see built

If development were to happen on existing car parks, would you support the building of at least one multi-storey car park in order to maintain the number of available parking spaces in the town centre? 

Pie chart about building a multi-storey car park in town 

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