Chesham Town Twinning Association

Town Twinning at the Schools of Chesham CarnivalAbout us: 
The aim of the association is to promote international friendship and understanding by strengthening by all possible means the links formed with:

Friedrichsdorf, Germany
Houilles, France
Archena, Spain

This is done by encouraging exchanges between individuals, families, groups (sporting, cultural and social) and companies. We twinned with Friedrichsdorf in 1980, with Houilles in 1986 and Archena in 1995. Since then there have been exchanges each year, and sporting and cultural activities between the twinned communities have taken place. We also encourage schools to take part in exchange visits with schools in our twinned towns.

Members of the association are asked to host in their homes members from the twinned communities and, in turn, they will be hosted by those members on return visits. This way many international friendships have been built, some lasting for many years.

Our members have also come to know citizens from other towns linked with our twin towns:  Friedrichsdorf is twinned with Bad Wimsbach in Austria, and Houilles with Schoelcher in Martinique and Celorico De Basto in Portugal.

We are constantly looking for new members, particularly young families, to further the aims of the association and to bring new ideas for exchange activities.

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