Cemetery History & Burial Records

Cemetery chapel Front cover of a burial register Gravestone Entries within an old burial register

The cemetery was established in 1857 and the first burial took place in 1858.


Burial Registers

Registers of Burials for the cemetery, starting in 1858, are kept at the Town Hall. 

We have digitised the cemetery records, which can now be searched online, free of charge. Please note that for compassionate reasons we do not show burial records from the last five years. The online search results will show you the name of the deceased, the grave number, year of death, age at death and occupation (if known). The results  will also show you the location of the grave on our cemetery map. Owing to the thousands of records that have been input, it is possible that there may be typographical errors within the data; we would welcome corrections - please contact maria.mcgwynn@chesham.gov.uk  or call Maria on 07831 273 809 if you believe a record needs correcting.  

Alternatively, searches in the registers, which contains as a minimum the name and age of the persons buried, the grave number and the date of burial, may be made during office hours (10 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday). There may be a small fee for this service. Enquiries can be made via email to maria.mcgwynn@chesham.gov.uk or by phone on 07831 273 809.

A booklet on the history of the cemetery, published to celebrate the cemetery's 150th anniversary in 2008, is available at the Town Hall. The publication is free, but any donations are given to the Friends of Chesham Cemetery.

For more information, please contact Maria by phone on 07831 273 809 or by email to maria.mcgwynn@chesham.gov.uk.

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