Interment Procedure

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Notice of interment, fees and a Certificate of Burial or Cremation must be submitted to the Town Council allowing three clear working days before the date of an interment. The application for interment must contain :

full details of the deceased
the proposed interment details
the section of the cemetery and grave space to be used

the signature of the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial (if applicable)

It is the responsibility of the person arranging the interment to engage the services of an Undertaker and Minister (if desired) and to pay all fees to which they are entitled.

Days and Times

Interments shall take place between 9.00am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday. Interments are not permitted on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays, although arrangements exist to accommodate burials for the Muslim community.



The fees for interments payable to the Town Council include the costs of returning the grave space to grass whether by turf or seed after a period of time has elapsed to allow for settlement of the soil. Double fees will be charged for non–parishioners.



Any form of religious or humanist service is allowed, but any other ceremony is subject to the approval of the Town Council. Alternatively, the coffin may be committed without a service.


Grave Spaces

All preparations of the grave are carried out by those authorised by the Town Council only.

Every body brought to the cemetery for interment shall be contained within a suitable coffin. Adequate particulars of the deceased person therein shall be clearly marked on the coffin.

No coffin shall be buried less than 900mm (3’) from ground level.

No coffins shall be buried in the same grave without a minimum of 150mm (6”) of earth between one another.


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