Interment of Cremated Remains

Garden of Remembrance Avenue of Remembrance Garden of Remembrance Headstones in the Garden of Remembrance

Areas for Interment

Cremated remains (ashes) can be interred in our cemetery. The Avenue of Remembrance and the Garden of Remebrance are designated for the interment of ashes; these areas are unconsecrated. The grave may be blessed by a Minister and this would need to be arranged by the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial for the particular plot. Grave spaces within the Avenue of Remembrance are allocated by strict rotation and shall be determined by the Town Council.

There are also designated areas for the interment of cremated remains within the main cemetery in consecrated sections, as well as a memorial rose garden and a scatter garden. 



A certificate for burial purposes issued by the Cremation Authority and all fees due to the Town Council must be paid prior to the interment. Following interment, a concrete base slab measuring 61 cm x 61cm (2’ x 2’) is laid by the Town Council.

It is the responsibility of the person arranging the interment to pay all fees due for the services of a Minister, Undertaker and Monumental Mason if so required. Ashes can be interred without a service.




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