Chesham Cemetery contains a wide diversity of beautiful memorials as a consequence of being in operation for over 150 years. Written approval must be obtained from the Town Council before any memorials are installed or altered.

Headstones and tablets are permitted on a grave or vault subject to an application being submitted to and approved by Chesham Town Council. Memorial applications can only be made by the owner of the grave concerned (this is the person named on the Exclusive Right of Burial). If you wish to apply for a memorial or wish to add additional inscriptions to an existing memorial when the owner of the grave is deceased, it will be necessary to arrange for a Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial. Our trained and experienced staff will be able to talk you through this process. However, it is possible to apply for a memorial on a grave if it solely commemorates the deceased owner. A Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial will need to be carried out afterwards to enable further memorial inscriptions to be carried out.

Applications must be submitted to the Town Council via a form which is available from the Town Hall (please contact the Town Hall on 01494 774842, Monday to Friday 10 am to 4.30 pm, or email All fees must be paid at least two weeks before any work is undertaken so that approval is granted for:
- erecting or placing a new memorial
- replacing, adding to or removing any memorial
- adding to or altering any inscription on a memorial
- carrying out repair work
It is necessary to allow a new interment a settlement time of six months before approval can be given for erection of a headstone.

Upon payment of the appropriate fees a permit valid for five years will be issued. Upon expiry, the permit will be renewable for a further five years on payment of a nominal fee.
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