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About us: The Chesham Society is the local society for Chesham and the neighbouring parishes. We are a large, influential, voluntary group of people who care about our town and the surrounding countryside. We welcome as members all local residents who are keen to learn about, discuss, or help to develop ideas and schemes to protect and improve the town in which they live or work. 

Formed in 1957, we are a registered charity and a member of a number of affiliated organisations including Civic Voice. We publish a quarterly magazine, Focus, and hold a regular programme of talks and events. We are an unbiased an non-political organisation. We campaign and co-operate with other groups who work for the good of th town, acting as a forum for debate. 

The Chesham Society works closely with the Town Council campaigning against HS2, and presented a joint petition to the Hybrid Bill select committee in September 2015. This drew attention to the adverse effect of HS2 construction traffic on Chesham businesses and the continuing impact of the line on tourism in the wider area. 

We are also working with the Town Council on the consultation for the Local Plan which will affect everyone in Chesham. The town will get a significatn share of the 7,300 new homes for the district, but there is little mention of increased infrastructure. We must protect our commercial base and not encroach on the Green Belt. The Society will be pursuing our 8 Visions for Chesham we proposed in the first consultation in March 2014. 

The Chesham Society

- monitors local planning schemes and applications

- encourages open discussion to ensure the interests of local people are properly heard

- is passionate about promoting the highest standards in planning, design, building and restoration

- seeks to protect and promote the local environment, for the benefit of everyone

- promotes civic pride and public interest in our town and area of benefit

- promotes research into the history of our town and area of benefit and the dissemination of its findings

- supports organisations in promoting and developing local arts and culture. 

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