Strategic Objectives

1. To enable residents to enjoy high quality social, recreational and cultural facilities within the town and to seek the continuing improvement and development of these facilities in accordance with the desires expressed by the residents.

Lowndes Park Open Air Pool Elgiva screen Berkhampstead Field wild flowers

Parks - our parks are the green lungs of Chesham and reflect its position as a gateway to the Chilterns. They will be maintained to a high standard and all residents encouraged to make best use of them though the provision of appropriate facilities and events.

Chesham Moor Gym & Swim -  with its outdoor pool, gym and ball courts, the centre is a unique facility which provides family friendly leisure and fitness opportunities in a rural setting. It will be maintained and enhanced wherever possible in an environmentally friendly way.

The Elgiva - is central to the social, cultural and economic well-being of Chesham. Working closely with partner organisations, this unique facility will be developed and promoted actively to meet the evolving needs of residents and to act as a catalyst for the further development of Chesham as a centre for the performing arts.  


2. To encourage and promote the economic and commercial vitality of Chesham in a way that encourages sustainable employment opportunities, housing and business facilities that respect the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which it is situated.

High Street Market Bikes in Church Street Queens Head pub

For example:
Town Centre - promote a thriving town centre which provides leisure and shopping facilities to meet the needs and wishes of residents and visitors.

Markets - encourage the establishment and ongoing development of vibrant local markets that provide shopping and employment opportunities for residents of Chesham and the surrounding visitors.

Transport - pursue transport policies that seek to improve access for all to local amenities, local communities and the nearby larger towns.

Internet - encourage the provision and take-up of high-speed broadband and internet access, which are essential for a modern economy, in particular a working town like Chesham.

Harmony - promote harmony between commercial and residential requirements, and ensure that initiatives accord with the Council's environmental policy.

3. To preserve the unique identity of Chesham and promote its heritage and its environment.

River Chess St Mary's Church Stepping stones across the river Chesham Museum

For example:
Landscape - Chesham has many attractive landscape features,  notably the River Chess, Lowndes Park and the surrounding woodlands, and an historic built environment that includes the church and old town. These need to be enhanced, protected and publicised.

Access - access to the surrounding countryside needs improving sensitively, for walkers and cyclists, both local and visiting, so that Chesham can be seen as a tourist centre and a gateway to the Chilterns.

Museum - Support the Chesham Museum and actively encourage the celebration of Chesham's unique heritage.

4. To consult with, understand and represent the views and wishes of the citizens of Chesham.

A council meeting A council surgery Annual Town Meeting public questions Councillors at a public event

For example:
Residents - through regular consultation with residents, including town-wide surveys and representation on local voluntary organisations, assess how well current services meet residents' needs, understand how those needs are changing and respond effectively to those changes.

Local authorities - consult with and respond to District Council, County Council and other authorities on current services and planned changes, to ensure continuing improvement in services consistent with local needs.

5. To help create a socially inclusive and caring community, which embraces all its residents equally, seeking to develop their well-being, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation.

Town Crier  A resident winning an award Public art, a cow sculpture Dancing in the park

For example:

Community cohesion - encourage community associations and other voluntary organisations which actively engage in projects that contribute to social inclusiveness and community cohesion.

Isolation - engage in work with COPAG, the CAB, youth groups and other voluntary organisations to provide for the needs of more vulnerable or isolated groups in Chesham.

Employment - encourage local employer organisations and the educational establishment to work together to provide education and skills development to meet the needs of students and the business community, including the promotion of apprenticeships.

6. We will ensure that the money entrusted to us by the residents of Chesham is securely managed and spent effectively on achieving the above strategic objectives.