Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of nine Members. The terms of reference are: 

  1. Develop mid-term financial strategy over the course of the Council to align to the quantitative and qualitative strategy developed by the full Council.
  2. Review monthly Management Information and assess performance of Council assets and financial health.
  3. Review any financial items (expenditure over £25k) that are to be presented to the Council. All proposals to consider cost and benefit implications
  4. Approve the annual recommendations for fees and charges increases to ensure fit into the overall financial plan.
  5. Review of significant transactions incurred in the month.
  6. Annual review of the investment policy for financial assets and effectiveness of any borrowing.
  7. Provide scrutiny of, and support when appropriate, for the completion of the External/Internal Audit.
  8. Review and recommend the annual budget prior to presentation at the Council.
  9. To recommend the fees and charges for the use and letting of Council managed properties.
  10. To consider the Council's staffing structure where it specifically has a significant financial impact.

The members of the Committee are:
Councillor Wilford Augustus
Councillor Alan Bacon
Councillor Joseph Baum
Councillor Simon Booth
Councillor Mohammad Fayyaz
Councillor Umar Hayyat
Councillor Francis Holly
Councillor Jane MacBean
Councillor Fred Wilson

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19 December 2022
Agenda and Reports


7th November 2022
Agenda and Reports

17th October 2022

Extraordinary Finance Committee - 7th September 2022
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 232KB)
Minutes  (PDF, 16KB)

Extraordinary Finance Committee - 30th August 2022
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 421KB)
Minutes (PDF, 73KB)

18th July 2022
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 6.6MB)
MInutes (PDF 113KB)

11th July 2022
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 1.7 MB)

21st March 2022
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 1 MB)
Minutes (PDF, 280 KB)

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