Planning Committee

The Planning Committee consists of nine Members with one Member from each ward (St Mary’s ward can be represented by any Town Councillor who is either a District or County Council Member for the ward if so desired). Members of the public and non-committee Members are entitled to attend these meetings. 

Terms of reference:

  1. To respond to planning applications as a statutory consultee where they have not being delegated to the Town Clerk in liaison with the Ward Member(s).
  2. To consider and monitor Development Plans and Strategic Planning issues and proposals by statutory undertakings and to respond as a consultee to any consultation document relating to planning issues.
  3. To consider all planning aspects of development and matters of transportation within the town.
  4. To deal with such matters as may be referred to this committee by the Council.

The following councillors are members of the committee:

Cllr Alan Bacon
Cllr Noel Brown
Cllr Qaser Chaudhry
Cllr Tony Franks
Cllr Jane MacBean
Cllr Joseph Baum
Cllr Roderick McCulloch
Cllr Nick Southworth
Cllr Diana Varley

All plans can be viewed on Buckinghamshire Council’s website:

26th April 2021
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 267 KB)
Minutes (to follow)

29th March 2021
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 220 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 147 KB)

1st March 2021
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 256 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 156 KB)

1st February 2021
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 118 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 977 KB)

4th January 2021
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 302 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 123 KB)

Download the 2020 Planning Papers
Download the 2019 Planning Papers
Download the 2018 Planning Papers
Download the 2017 Planning Papers

The Planning Committee supersedes the Development Control Committee, which was abolished in May 2017. You can view an archive of Development Control papers.

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