Staffing Committee

The committee is composed of nine Members and deals with specific staffing matters and/or serious public complaints that may periodically arise as well as any senior appointments to be made. Moreover, it has the overall responsibility for any appeals or issues arising out of the annual appraisal process. 

Terms of reference

  1. The, superannuation, remuneration, recruitment, training, qualifications, health and safety aspects and other conditions of service of all employees.
  2. To consider schemes for the employment of people under government or other similar programmes.
  3. To hear and determine matters of appeal in cases of discipline and other adopted policies and appeals forthcoming from appraisals.
  4. To approve essential and casual user car allowances.
  5. Approve the objectives and assess performance of all officers

The following councillors are members of the Working Party:
Councillor Parveiz Aslam
Councillor Simon Booth
Councillor Emily Culverhouse
Councillor Mohammad Fayyaz
Councillor Justine Fulford
Councillor Jane MacBean
Councillor Rachael Matthews
Councillor Gareth Williams
Councillor Fred Wilson

Staffing Papers

14th June 2021
Agenda (PDF, 1 MB KB)
Minutes (PDF, 349 KB)

19th April 2021
Agenda (PDF, 119 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 260 KB)

16th November 2020
Agenda (PDF, 54 KB)
Minutes (PDF, 82 KB)

5th October 2020
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 56 KB)
Minutes Pending  (PDF, 37 KB)

25 November 2019
Agenda and Reports (PDF, 1 MB)
Minutes (PDF, 78 KB)

2018 Staffing Papers

2017 Staffing Papers