Charitable Donations

Each year Chesham Town Council gives donations of up to £500 to charitable, voluntary or other local groups that benefit Chesham. 

Over the years we have given money to many local organisations for some very interesting projects. Some examples can be found below:-

Chesham Connect - Hats Off Chesham! 2023 - A fun annual festival of Hats 

United Reformed Church - Meet and Eat -  providing meals and a place to meet and socialise for families living on a tight budget.

Chesham Over Fifties Positive Action Group – to pay for speakers at their Friday morning meetings and to help with the cost of their quarterly newsletter.

The Chiltern Society – to buy a tree popper and some mini mattocks to help cut roots and extract unwanted scrub, woody plants, trees and ragwort - roots and all - avoiding multi-stem regrowth or the need for any kind of herbicide treatment. This will be used in Captain’s Wood by their volunteer team. They were also able to buy a new scythe blade to use in confined spaces such as when clearing footpath edges in Captain’s Wood and weed growth around newly planted trees.

Walkers are Welcome, Chesham – To help pay for walking leaflets detailing walks of varying lengths around the local area.

The White Hill Centre – Towards the cost of new blinds and a new cooker for their recently renovated premises.

When applying for a donation your project should accord with the Town Council’s annual objectives which are:

  1. To preserve the unique identity of Chesham by promoting its heritage and environment, in consultation with the citizens of Chesham.
  2. To promote and deliver climate change emergency initiatives that make a real difference to the local environment, in partnership with local groups.
  3. To ensure residents enjoy high quality social, recreational, and cultural facilities by improving them in accordance with the desires expressed by residents.
  4. To promote the economic vitality of Chesham by encouraging employment opportunities, housing and business facilities that respect the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and ensure that Chesham continues to be a destination of choice.
  5. To help create a socially inclusive and caring community, which embraces all its residents equally, seeking to develop their well-being, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation.
  6. To ensure that the money entrusted to us by the residents of Chesham is properly managed and spent efficiently and effectively on achieving the strategic aims of the Council.
The scheme is now open for applications, closing date 30th September 2023. Download an application form
Going forward the annual closing date will be in the month of April, so you will be able to apply also in April 2024.

If you require any further information or clarification on this scheme, please contact

Below you can view the donations that have been awarded in previous years:

View the 2021 donations (PDF, 99 KB)
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