Save Water to Save the Chess

People in other parts of the country use much less water than we do, e.g. 128 litres per person per day in the Severn Trent area compared to 176 litres in Chesham, so there’s no reason why we can’t do the same.

Get A Meter!

Get a meter - every drop counts!
Every drop counts

The most important thing you can do is get a water meter. The majority of households in this area should now have a meter. You have the right to opt for a meter free of installation charges in most circumstances, which will allow you to keep an eye on how much water you use. Visit Affinity Water's web site to work out how much money you could save by installing a water meter: and then apply for a free meter on-line:

Change Your Habits

Easy, daily changes add up to a big difference, from using a bowl to wash your fruit and veg instead of rinsing them under the tap, to watering your plants in the evening to minimise the water wasted by drying out in the sun. There are lots of tips to be found on the Affinity Water Web Site.

Saving Water Also Saves the Planet!

People often don’t realise that reducing their water usage also helps to reduce their carbon footprint. Treating and supplying drinking water and pumping and treating waste water all require energy. So save water and you’ll also be saving energy!



Make A Pledge

Why not commit to saving 5 litres of water a day? If everyone in Chesham cut down their water use by just 5 litres, we could save 100,000 litres of precious water every day. Think of the difference we could make!

We’d love to hear your tips and experiences of how to use less water. Why not Contact Us and let us know how you are helping to save the Chess.
Your River Needs You - to Save Water

Help protect our local river by saving water whenever you can