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About us: The Friends of Lowndes Park was set up in 2007 in response to a Heritage Lottery Fund application that demanded a community group as a prerequisite. Sadly the bid failed, but the Friends took this to mean that their presence was more, not less necessary.

FoLP volunteersWe decided at the outset that we didn’t wish to be just another pressure group and nor did we intend to spend our time simply picking up litter in the park. For the past seven years we have sought to strike a balance working with the Town Council on Park policy and carrying out practical tasks in Lowndes Park. We work with a wide range of organisations to bring broad use to the park and do our utmost to promote the park as one of the gems of Chesham.

The Friends are also able to use their status to bid for money which cannot be accessed by the Town Council. Money for capital schemes such as the outdoor entertainment area and the skateboard park are two examples of where the Friends have been successful.

We buried a time capsule to commemorate 60 years of Lowndes Park as a public park and have produced a number of events in the park including Lowndesbourne, which is a free classical music and opera concert to which the people of Chesham are invited to bring along a picnic.

We also have two dedicated teams of gardeners who volunteer to take care of areas of the park and have been doing so for a number of years. In many ways these are the public face of the Friends and the people you are likely to see in the park no matter what the season.

We are in urgent need of more members which gives us more weight when speaking to external bodies regarding funding and other issues concerning the park.


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Michael Rowan (Chairman)
61 Broad Street

Tel: 07956 926094

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