Access for All at Hockeridge Wood

Residents and campaigners at Hockeridge Wood

Left to right: Local resident Charlotte Brown, Royal Forestry Society Chief Executive Simon Lloyd, Buckingham Local Access Forum member Gavin Caspersz and Chesham Walkers Are Welcome member Andrew Clark. 

New gates have been installed at Hockeridge Wood, enabling access for wheelchair and scooter users. The new gates are thanks to local residents, members of the Disabled Ramblers, Chesham Walkers Are Welcome and the Buckingham Local Access Forum getting together to take advantage of the Donate A Gate Scheme operated by Bucks County Council and the Chiltern Society, and a grant from Chiltern District Council. 

The gates have been provided in addition to the existing pedestrian gates and are operated by a RADAR key (the national key scheme - RADAR keys can be purchased from the Town Hall in Chesham). 

Hockeridge Wood is managed by the Royal Forestry Society.