Stop the Drop LogoIt's important to know where you can report litter-related problems to make sure they get tackled. 

Report fly-tipping on public land to Buckinghamshire Council. (Unfortunately fly-tipping on private land must be dealt with by the landowner). 

Full Bins, Litter, Graffiti, Fly-Posting, Syringes
You can report all of these issues to Buckinghamshire Council via their web site. 
If you see a full bin in Lowndes Park, or one of the other green spaces in town, report it to Chesham Town Council on 01494 774842 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4.30pm) or to 


Community Litter Picks

Chesham Environmental Group, Chesham in Bloom and other groups regularly hold organised litter picks around town. Why not join them? 

If you think your part of town needs a tidy-up, why not organise your own litter pick with your neighbours? Buckinghamshire Council loans out litter pickers and will organise collection of the waste. Request equipment for a litter pick