Mayoral Awards

The Mayoral Awards are given out to recognise community heroes and brilliant businesses. Each year, you can nominate someone who makes Chesham a better place, a top volunteering team that deserves some recognition, or a business excelling in its field. The winners are announced at the Annual Town Meeting each year. 

See the historic winners here

The People's Award

This award is given to people who have made a positive difference to the lives and well-being of Chesham people, who support charitable or voluntary work in the town, who volunteer for the Town Council, or who demonstrate outstanding citizenship. The winner will receive £150 for the charity or project of their choice.

The Volunteer Team Award

You can nominate a project team or group of volunteers who do something positive for Chesham's residents or environment. The winning team will receive £150 towards their work. 

The Business Award

This award, sponsored by Chiltern Chamber, is open to those businesses and retail outlets in town who contribute to the community, excell in their business or provide excellent customer service. The winning business receives a specially engraved trophy.