The Mayor

The Town Mayor is elected annually in May by the Town Council. The Mayor presides over meetings of the council, as well as attending civic and ceremonial functions, such as the Remembrance Sunday parade and Chesham’s Civic Service. The Mayor also represents Chesham at functions outside the town, including visits to Archena, Friedrichsdorf and Houilles, the towns that Chesham is twinned with in Spain, Germany and France.

Cllr Majid DittaCllr Majid Ditta with his father Allah Ditta

You can keep up to date with the Mayor via his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts:

Majid runs his own transport business locally and was elected as a Town Councillor (Ridgeway Ward) in the 2021 elections and has since been the Deputy Mayor of Chesham.

Majid has always worked hard in the community to have a positive impact on peoples lives and decided to stand for election to take the next step in his journey.

Majid belongs to a family that has always had an influential role in the community.

Above: Majid with his father, Allah


Nawab AliMajid’s uncle Nawab Ali came to Chesham in 1953 for the Queen’s Coronation as he was part of the Royal Navy during World War II. He was one of the founding members of Chesham's Pakistani community. Nawab Ali helped other Pakistani immigrants to Chesham with finding work, learning English and living arrangements. He has been honoured by the naming of ‘Nawab Court’ in Chesham. 

Majid’s father Allah Ditta, also a military man, was invited by Nawab Ali to join him in Chesham in 1965. Majid is very proud of his father, who has always supported the community and brought together the Pakistani community and promoted integration in Chesham. Allah Ditta is a well-known elder of the Pakistani community and is always available for the people of Chesham to provide them with guidance and impartial advice.


Above: Nawab Ali 1920-1992

Aftab AliAllah Ditta invited Aftab Ali, the son of Nawab Ali, to join him in 1972 in Chesham. Aftab Ali was also very instrumental in working with the Chesham community and was a well-known figure nationally. He always promoted the younger generation to come forward and take part in society to better their own lives and the lives of others.

Majid has taken inspiration from his family members and, most importantly, his father Allah Ditta to go out and deliver for the community of Chesham. Majid’s cousin Aftab Ali always wanted someone from the family to take the initiative and get involved officially in community matters and local politics to deliver for the people and Majid is proud to be the one to do that.

Left: Aftab Ali, 1957-2018