Martyr Stone

The Martyr Stone surrounded by daffodils 
A rough-hewn stone tablet dedicated to the memory of local martyr Thomas Harding is located on the verge of White Hill.

The stone bears the inscription, “Nearby suffered and died Thomas Harding, martyr, 30th May 1532”. In 2006 and 2012, daffodil bulbs were planted around the martyr stone as part of Chesham in Bloom to provide some spring colour in this area of the town.

Born c. 1470, Harding lived in Amersham and then Chesham, where he was a farmer. He was a member of the Lollard community and believed in the right to read the scriptures in English. As a result of his unconventional beliefs he was found guilty of heresy and sentenced to be burnt to death at a place now known as Martyr’s Dell on White Hill.

Harding was, however, spared a fiery death. As the fire was being lit, someone in the crowd threw a piece of firewood which hit him on the head and killed him instantly.
There is a further memorial to Thomas Harding in the churchyard of St. Mary’s Parish Church.