21 April 2023

Lowndes Park Muga

Today we have carried out an inspection of the Muga in Lowndes Park.

The inspection concluded that the wooden backboards to the basketball hoops are rotten and will require replacing.  Due to them no longer being fit for purpose, we are removing the steel framed hoops today to minimise any health and safety hazards to the public.

We will up date you ASAP with progress on this matter.

Chesham Town Council



Press Release

28th February 2023

The Lowndes Room

On the 19th December 2022, the Finance Committee of Chesham Town Council (the minutes for which may be found on our website), took the difficult decision to seek a permanent let for the Lowndes Room, the smallest of three rooms available to hire at Chesham Town Hall. It did so under the general power of competence which enables the Council to hire or let out its buildings and facilities, whether for a long term lease, short term lease or for individual hires.

The Council took this decision because it has experienced significantly increased utility costs that mean additional income is required for the Council to meet its budget. In addition the Council have seen a measurable drop in the number of room bookings coming forward in the past three years, with the Lowndes Room only booked on average 44 hours per month out of the 336 hours it is available.

The Council felt that by offering the other two larger community rooms, as an alternative to existing Lowndes Room bookers, this would ensure these rooms are used more often as they too are also currently underutilised. There are dates and times still available for community groups and residents to hire these rooms.

We have been working closely with existing hirers to support them with options for alternative bookings to the Lowndes Room. In most cases this has led to a suitable alternative, but the Council is aware that this has not been the case with all bookings and continue to work to find an acceptable solution.


Chesham Town Council