Break The Bag Habit!

Plastic Bag in the River Chess

A plastic bag caught up with other rubbish in the River Chess

We've all seen discarded plastic bags in Chesham; snagged up on trees, tumbling down the High Street or swirling around in the river. It's no surprise these bags form such a common part of the town's litter - according to the Break The Bag Habit campaign, the average person uses 133 single-use bags per year! The really worrying thing is that, as well as looking unsightly, most of these bags once discarded do not biodegrade, they just break down into smaller and smaller fragments of plastic, polluting not just our town's environment but the world more widely as they travel down the river and through the air. 

Chesham has already made good progress in reducing its plastic bag use thanks to the Plastic Bag Free Chesham campaign and there are non-disposable alternatives easily available in town. Could you help by switching to reusable bags instead? To find out more about the problems caused by disposable bags and how to make the switch, why not visit the web site of Break The Bag Habit