Play Areas

Chesham Town Council manages children’s play areas at the below sites. In 2009, the Council published its Play Area Strategy, which outlines how our play areas will be upgraded to provide an even distribution of high quality play areas across town. To date, the play areas in Lowndes Park, Gordon Road, Marston Field, Moor Road, Codmore Field and Windsor Road have been upgraded through this strategy. For further information, please contact the Town Hall by email: or on 01494 774842 or in person (Monday to Friday 10 am to 4.30pm).    

Bois Moor Road

An enclosed children’s play area.

Bois Moor Road play area

Chesham Moor

The Moor Road Play Area 
The play area on Moor Road was totally refurbished in 2010 and is specifically designed to have equipment accessible for children with disabilities.


Codmore Playing Field

The playing field includes an enclosed children’s play area, newly refurbished in 2016, and a multi-use goal.


Gordon Road

A small children's play area refurbished in 2012.

Gordon Road by Terry Cherrill

Lowndes Park

Lowndes Park contains a play area refurbished in 2009, with innovative equipment for children ranging in age from toddlers to 13-year-olds. The park also has a multi-sports court and a skate park.

Lowndes Park play area 

Marston Playing Field

Marston Field includes an enclosed children’s play area. Marston play area was totally refurbished in 2010. Marston Field Play Area 





Nashleigh Hill

The recreation ground contains a children’s play area and single goal post for informal recreational use. View from Nashleigh Hill's play area 





Windsor Road

Windsor Road includes an enclosed children's play area, which was totally refurbished in 2012.

Windsor Road Play Area 2012






Woodland View

Enclosed play area at the southern end of town.