Council Policies

The council’s policy and strategy documents are available to downloaded in PDF format. Please note that you will require Adobe Reader to view these, which can be downloaded for free (external web site).
Complaints Policy (PDF, 76 KB)
Consultation Policy (Word, 164 KB)
Consultation Procedure (Word, 57 KB)
Consultation Strategy (Word, 39 KB)
Disciplinary Policy (PDF, 106 KB)
Environmental Policy (PDF, 112 KB)
Grievance Policy (Word, 180 KB)
Pest Control Policy (PDF, 92 KB)
Pesticide Usage (PDF, 585 KB)
Play Area Strategy (PDF, 613 KB)
Redundancy Policy (PDF, 596 KB)
Risk Management Policy (PDF, 75 KB)
Social Media Policy (Word, 176 KB)
Training Policy (PDF, 57 KB)
Tree Management Policy (PDF, 686 KB)
Violence at Work (PDF, 60 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy (PDF, 94 KB)