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What Can You Do To Tackle Climate ChangeWhat Can You Do To Tackle Climate ChangeEveryone can do something to reduce their carbon footprint - here are some suggestions.

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Council Supports Local Electricity BillCouncil Supports Local Electricity BillThe town council is supporting a campaign for more local, clean energy generation to benefit local communities.
Will you help to create a Cleaner, Greener Chilterns in 2020? Will you help to create a Cleaner, Greener Chilterns in 2020? The Chiltern Society is on a mission to get people of all ages actively doing their bit to improve their local environment.
Eco-Audit Press Release 15.11.22Eco-Audit Press Release 15.11.2250% reduction energy consumption Town Hall. Reconfiguration of heating zones, installation of digital timers & control zones, heat reflection techniques and infra-red heating solutions. ¾ Million sheets of paper no longer used - a 60% reduction in paper consumption and all remaining paper recycled. A reduction in trees consumed for photocopying and printing. 200 Communi-Trees planted. A drop from 14.7 Million to just 9.4 Million litres of mains water consumption. No burning of green waste.
Leaky Homes Roadshow - 24 NovemberLeaky Homes Roadshow - 24 NovemberThere's still time to sign up if you live in the Newtown, Hilltop and Townsend areas


Eco-Audit April 2020Eco-Audit April 2020An audit of the carbon footprint and ecological impact of the town council's activities, plus actions to reduce our negative impacts on the environment (PDF, 233 KB).