Council Terms of Reference

The following are the Terms of Reference for full meetings of the Council:

  • To raise loans and to set the town precept.
  • To have the power of incurring capital expenditure not specifically included in the Council's approved estimate of expenditure.
  • At the Annual Meeting appoint standing committees and at any other times appoint such other committees as are necessary and at any time dissolve or alter the membership of a committee.
  • To appoint to or co-opt on a Committee or Sub-Committee a person who is not a Member of the Council.
  • To approve Standing Orders and the functions and constitution of Committees and Sub-Committees.
  • To approve dates of meetings of the Council.
  • To appoint or nominate persons to fill vacancies on outside bodies arising during the Council year.
  • To fill vacancies occurring on any Committee of the Council during the Council year.
  • To approve the appointment or dismissal of the Town Clerk.
  • To consider the recommendations of the standing committees and to confer delegated powers to a committee and/or sub-committee when deemed appropriate.